Gas & NGL Processing

Our process engineering team is experienced in all natural gas processing, stabilization, and treating facilities – in both sweet and sour operating conditions. We are well equipped to complete greenfield and brownfield projects – as well as debottlenecking studies, or operational troubleshooting.

Gas & Liquids Pipelines

The mechanical design team and regulatory group at Bluestar has a strong knowledge of pipeline design for a range of products. Our experience includes low vapour pressure liquids, high vapour pressure liquids, multiphase fluids, and natural gas pipelines.

Renewable Energy Projects

We are experienced in the design, specification, and construction of multi-megawatt scale solar farms encompassing all engineering disciplines required to execute these projects safely, on-budget, and on-schedule.

Conventional Oil Batteries

Our team of professionals have completed a range of conventional oil battery projects for multiple clients in various upstream production environments. Regardless of the oil composition, water content, and other challenges to effective oil treating our team is experienced and able to deliver.

Storage & Terminal Facilities

Bluestar recognizes that production is only part of our industry. Bulk storage and transport facilities are critical to bringing production to market. We have experience in bulk storage, blending, and shipping facilities for a range of petroleum products including both low vapour pressure, and high vapour pressure products.

Pump & Compression Stations

For mainline transmission of natural gas and liquid petroleum products Bluestar’s project team has a wealth of experience to draw up. Our team has successfully designed, installed, and commissioned significant pump and compression horsepower throughout Western Canada.

Upstream Production & Gathering

The Bluestar team has an excellent background in upstream production and gathering infrastructure for all conventional oil and gas fields in Western Canada. In particular our engineering team focuses on meeting the client requirements while allowing for standardization of design. These customized standard solutions allow clients to maximize operability while reducing design, fabrication, and construction costs.

Custody Transfer Facilities

In all custody transfer applications accuracy and reliability are paramount. The Bluestar team is well established throughout Western Canada as a leading provider of custody transfer facilities for a range of application.

Regulatory Support

We assist our clients in understanding and meeting all regulatory requirements as set by jurisdictional authorities. Our team is intimately familiar with all codes and regulations to ensure we provide clear, concise, and actionable advice to our clients regardless of the complexity of the issue.

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