Our Disciplines

At Bluestar, we take pride in delivering a replete, full-spectrum team that encompasses all disciplines required to complete a comprehensive and contemporary Engineering firm. Our staff are some of the top professionals in the industry who are passionate about their careers and most of all the products they deliver.


Bluestar recognizes that complex problems need novel solutions and we are dedicated to working with clients to find realistic and accurate solutions.

2D & 3D Design and Drafting

Bluestar’s renowned design and drafting team are second to none. Delivering the most detailed and accurate designs in the industry.

Project Management

Our project management professionals are experts at initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and completing projects on time and within budget.

Health & Safety

Bluestar’s top priority is to foster a safe and healthy environment for all stakeholders.


Our estimating team leverages our established contacts and historical data to provide accurate and reliable projects cost estimates.


Our schedulers interface with our project teams and clients to ensure that projects are executed on time.

Project Controls

Our data gathering, management, and analytical processes are used to predict, understand, and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of all projects.

Procurement & Expediting

Securing quality goods, components and services is a vital part of project execution. Our team delivers proven results.


Facility and Pipeline Permitting and Licencing in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.


Bluestar operates with the Canadian government and regulatory frameworks to deliver sustainable and responsible solutions.

Document Control

Storing, managing, and tracking technical documents is an imperative part of executing successful projects.

Laser Scanning

Bluestar delivers our highest quality scans available by utilizing state-of-the-art scanning, registration equipment, and software.

Rendering & Animation

Bluestar’s Rendering & Animation team have over 20 years of experience developing photo realistic renders and simulations.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Whether it is viewing your facility in Virtual Reality or implementing a new medium for viewing BIM through Augmented Reality applications, Bluestar is equipped to handle all your companies XR needs.

Have Questions?

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