Project Description

Spirit River LACT Facility

To address the rapidly changing needs of an upstream producer Bluestar was engaged to design a custom LACT facility on a tight schedule, with multiple scope changes. Demonstrating our ability to be flexible to changing project requirements, and our commitment to producing high value for our clients, Bluestar delivered a custom solution on time and on budget.

During this project the upstream producer also showed their confidence in our ability to deliver by requesting we simultaneously design the HVP pipeline network to bring their product from the LACT to the midstream terminal. In this capacity Bluestar designed the pipeline to the exacting standards of the mid-streamer, on behalf of the upstream producer. This allowed for significant cost savings to be transferred to the upstream producer, while protecting their interests by ensuring a smooth transaction when the pipelines were transferred to the mid-streamer.

Project Details

Facility Type: 

Custom LVP and HVP LACT


LVP (Crude Oil, Condensate)

HVP (Propane Mix)

Total Installed Horespower:

LVP 600 HP (2 x 100%)

HVP 100 HP (1 x 100%)

Station Throughput:

22,000 BPD LVP

8,300 BPD HVP

Pipelines Installation

8″ LVP Gathering Lateral

4″ HVP Gathering Lateral